This page is for organizers and volunteers helping with the festival. Feel free to browse it, but you may find other pages more helpful.

Meeting Minutes, Oct. 1

We did some great brainstorming! Here are some of ideas:

  1. gaming with word games
  2. Giant Scrabble board
  3. Word costumes or costumes from books or literature
  4. Do something with favorite authors–explore, discuss, …..
  5. What do you like to read? activity
  6. Flash Mob featuring words, perhaps Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll
  7. In celebration of Poor Richard: Make up a new saying on a big board, then folks can put stars by the one(s) they like best.
  8. Big magnetic words board
  9. Collaborative poetry: somehow write a poem together as a few hundred people.
  10. Marketing / PR: Earl at the Valley Channel, Jenny Christensen, Radio Group, work through the schools in the area.
  11. Connections with Reflections
  12. Fun With Word Etymology: the origins of words and phrases–possible connections with USU Anthropology Museum; what do kids say now? How did Parents say it? How did grandparents say it? How did great-great-great-great-great grandparents say it?
  13. Role play activity meeting famous authors and characters. Perhaps a panel discussion with them. Imagine Harry Potter and David Copperfield together, answering fun questions.
  14. Back Slappers who run and plaster a saying from Poor Richard on someone’s back and run away quickly.
  15. Cooking With Words = secret tasting based on connoisseur language; taste and use connoisseur language when tasting favorite items like mac & cheese; decorate alphabet cookies; do something with adjectives and food; cook items from famous books.
  16. Songwriting: contest, activity, etc.
  17. With large orchestra (or similar) somehow infuse the performance with music notation words like allegro.
  18. Improvisational storytelling activity.
  19. Author Shout: local authors get exactly one minute to shout a promotion for their book. Then there’s time to meet with them.
  20. Add some kind of bilingual component to festival.
  21. Literary Dinner: a fundraising dinner based on language or with recipes from famous books.
  22. Art gallery with the theme of “words”–photos, art, etc.
  23. Booths and vendors
  24. Storytelling Performances from youth tellers from schools in the area.
To Do:
  1. We are all contacting our local schools to invite them to participate with youth tellers (idea 24)
  2. David will prepare a flier
  3. Daniel will contact League of Utah Writers (Cache chapter) to be participants
  4. Jamie will contact her bilingual specialist and invite her to participate
  5. We are all thinking about the ideas, coming up with more, and finding possible folks who can take charge of one of these ideas above and go for it.
  6. David will make a short presentation to Bridgerland Literacy on Oct. 19 at 6 pm






4 responses »

  1. ASL is a great second language–for storytelling.
    or–#9 would be a blast with the right person. Is Marianne or Lotti participating?
    or–would #17 work with sounds (blocks, snapping, clap-clap, whispers, etc…)? Telling a story that incorporated the sounds would be fun.

    Does any of this make sense? Hmm?

  2. Wow, I’m loving these ideas!

    I’m a board member with Bridgerland Literacy, and I am also studying to be a sign language interpreter. I could definitely help with ASL!! I’ve got some great resources that could help me prepare a story. I’ve expressed this at the B.L. board meetings, I just thought I’d drop a note here too. 🙂


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