Here are a few of the exciting things that will take place at the Festival:

  • Storytelling from some of Utah’s most beloved storytellers—and a few favorites from outside the state.
  • Dancing: can you dance words? Of course!
  • Singing: The Cache Children’s Choir will be here. Will you?
  • Eating: The winner of “Utahs’ Best Chef” Award, John Simpson (Culinary Concepts) will be here to offer a fun workshop and to serve up food as our food vendor for this event.
  • Poetry & Essay Contest: Poetry! Short and engaging essays! Who could want more?
  • Beat Poetry: featuring some of Utah’s favorite beat poets: it’s poetry performed out loud. Remember to bring your clicking fingers when you hear something you like.
  • Workshops: From Oral History to saying “hello” in seven languages, broaden yourself with some hands-on workshops.




2 pm Festival begins!
OngoingActivities: Hogwarts Hall South Hallway/Stage
Kids Art Center Carousel Room
Photography Fundraiser: only $25 for a 15 minute photo sitting with a professional photographer! A 50% savings and you’ll help literacy in Cache Valley. Thatcher Mansion
Local Author Tables Carousel Room
Art Gallery Carousel Room
Poetry & Essay Contest Winners Carousel Room
Vendors & Food Carousel Room
2 pm Performances:

  • 2:00: Unicorn Children’s Theatre ($3; Pillow Theatre Room 1st floor)
  • 2:15: Leah Adkins, Briant Hall (Classroom)
  • 2:30: Learn _________ in Seven Languages! (Classroom)
  • 2:45: Scene It activity (Classroom)
Various Locations
3 pm Workshops:

  • “Eat Your Words” Cooking Workshop (Kitchen)
  • Collecting Family Stories: using oral history and other means to gather your family’s stories
– Kitchen- Thatcher Mansion

  • 3 pm: Logan Youth Shakespeare: Rehearsal Peek (3rd floor)
  • 3 pm:
  • 3:15: Daniel Bishop, Ron Jensen
  • 3:30: Learn _________ in Seven Languages!
  • 3:45: Scene It activity
4 pm Author Shout Out! Carousel Room

  • 4:15: Ted Erekson, Bessie Wakefield
  • 4:30: Learn _________ in Seven Languages!
  • 4:45: Scene It activity
5 pm Workshops:

  • Fun With Literature: Adapting Literature for Performance
Thatcher Mansion

  • 5 pm: Omar & Lori Hansen, Aaron Crawford
  • 5:15: Richard Hatch, Gary Hansen
  • 5:30: Learn _________ in Seven Languages!
  • 5:45: Scene It activity
6 pm Festival Break


7:00 PM: “Milk & Cookies Storytelling”

— An evening concert with storytellers, of course, but also MUCH MORE for the whole family.

Our amazing performers this year include:

Clive Romney: He’s Executive Director of Utah Pioneer Heritage Arts, an organization devoted to preserving our pioneer heritage through the arts, but we might know him best as the composer of “Scripture Power” and for this amazing and friendly storytelling performances.

Omar & Lori Hansen: These two favorites are coming down from Idaho Falls once again by popular demand. They tell stories in a tandem style that is so fun and engaging, we just had to have them back! They have told stories at festivals across the U.S. and are in high demand, so we’re so happy they are coming down for this occasion!

Richard Hatch: His magic was quick to appear on the stages of northern Utah and beyond just a few years ago, but he is already one of Utah’s favorite performers, using storytelling and sleight of hand to entertain audiences in magical ways.

Daniel Bishop: Daniel just finished his storytelling tour across the midwest, and so we snatched him up for our festival. He is familiar to folks in northern Utah and Southern Idaho, as he makes his home in Montpelier and tells stories in many places. You may have seen him last at the Stokes Nature Center, where he told historical tales of Logan Canyon.

Ted Erekson: From Providence, Ted is one of the Bridgerland Storytelling Guild’s most popular tellers in northern Utah. He and his wife, Meg, just finished their new book, “My Boy, Jesus”, a delightful story of the nativity and beyond from the perspective of Joseph.

Valley Dance Ensemble: Always willing to lend an artistic hand, VDE has created a dance piece based on words that has been specially created for this festival! They are a northern Utah fixture, offering classes for all ages and noted for their stunning work whether they perform on large stages or in the street.

Gary Hansen: Gary is quickly rising in the Utah storytelling world because of his mastery of the Native American flute, which he uses in his tellings. We are very pleased that he made his schedule available for us for this event!

Leah Adkins: Leah is everyone’s favorite bus driver in Logan. She manages to drive safely, sing and tell stories all at the same time. She is the current president of the Bridgerland Storytelling Guild.

Emma Kate and Daniel Coleman: When this father-daughter team join up, magic happens. From Wellsville, Emma Kate was a participant in the recent Youth Storytelling Championships sponsored by the Utah Storytelling Guild.

David Sidwell: Your Emcee and a storyteller for the evening, David has performed at festivals all over the U.S. His favorite place to perform, though, is right here in Utah. David is the past president of the Bridgerland Storytelling Guild and is now President-Elect for the Utah Storytelling Guild.


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