As a major part of our Festival, we are presenting the favorite youth storytellers from many schools in the area. If you are interested in your school hosting its own storyteller festival, or in sending two of your school’s favorite students to our festival to perform, see the School Resource Packet below.

Resource Guide for Teachers & School Administrators (.pdf file)

Teaching storytelling skills meets many elements of the state and common core standards for Language Arts and other curriculum areas!

Below are links to these core curriculum areas. We tried actually noting the specific core standards met, but found that we were retyping so much of the actual core standards document, we decided to simply put the links below.

As students read stories, write them in their own words (a great idea, but not the only way to learn a story for storytelling), then learn the events and images in stories they have written, it is amazing how many core standards are explored! With the writing components of the festival, even more core standards are met! (NOTE: we do not memorize stories for storytelling, we simply learn their images and events and tell them extemporaneously–though we nevertheless practice them a lot)

English Language Arts
Core Standards

Theatre is a core curriculum standard required by the state of Utah that is often ignored by teachers and school administrators. Too bad, since theatre skills are relevant in nearly every profession and in nearly every walk of life. Shakespeare wrote, “….all the world’s a stage….” It’s true! Also, in the words of one of the most popular books in the business world at present, “He Who Tells the Best Story Wins.” Performance skills are NECESSARY to develop a successful leader, worker,  parent, friend and citizen. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Fine Arts — Theatre
Core Standards

As your students research stories and tell them in their own words, even more core standards are met. Depending on the stories they choose, they could be exploring things in nearly any curriculum area!


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